Yesterday in most schools around the United States there was a moment of silence to honor those lost in the 9/11 terrorist attacks in 2001. However, in some schools this moment was considered an unnecessary thing to do. When asked to justify their reasoning, staff at the schools would give excuses rather than reasons.
I go to a school in upstate New York near the capital. I was shocked when it passed 12:00 and we still had no mention of doing a moment of silence. Being one to speak out I went down to the office and requested justification for the lack of respect. I was taken into the assistant principles office and told that they didn’t “have” to have a moment of silence since it wasn’t a “significant” amount of time since the attack. I was super confused so he went on to say “Well lets pretend you had cousins in the school one town over and their school didn’t have a moment of silence and you tell them we did, it makes their school look disrespectful.” Well doesn’t my school not having one make us disrespectful? When asked to justify their reasoning to parents a few years ago for not having a moment of silence my school used the excuse that they couldn’t explain in to young children. That is a ridiculous reason because it is the most direct way to teach them.
I personally am very concerned about the fact that my school refused to have a moment of silence because we are still in the time frame that it could have been someone’s parent who was killed in the attack. My father was supposed to be in the towers that day but was sick so he stayed home. I am very thankful he was sick that day. Because of this direct personal connect I believe that my school should not simply not have a moment of silence.


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