I very easily go from happy to upset. And it’s not me being bipolar, it’s me get small realizations about things that then therefor piss me off or make me sad.



Though I’ve only been alive for about 15 years, I feel like I’ve learned a lot and I just want to list some of those lessons out

-There’s no reason to cheat. If you’re unhappy, leave.
-Be nice to everyone
-Do not be overly nice to those who are not nice back to you
-What goes around comes around
-Only trust those who have earned it
-Confidence is key
-Stereotypes are not definitions of people
-Pictures in magazines are super photoshopped
-Everyone is hiding something
-Secrets have a cost
-Keeping secrets is nearly impossible
-It doesn’t matter what other people think
-Don’t even bother with those who are rude to you
-Giving up on those who need you, will ultimately destroy them
-You can’t perform well in a track meet if you never run at practice
-Smoking weed will increase your depression
-Pushing people away will not solve anything
-Those who stick around through the tough stuff love you
-Do not regret anything you once wanted
-Having a support group will help you a lot
-Yolo (might as well add that one on)
-Be adventurous
-It’s ok to be different
-Everyone has a flaw (even if you can’t see it at first)
-Thinking positively makes a huge difference
-There’s something very comforting about a person who is positive even though they’re going through an awful situation
-Crying in math class is OK
-Always ask questions when you’re confused
-Just because someone may have it worse than you doesn’t mean that your problems don’t matter
-Over reacting and jealousy can be good sometimes
-Drama is pointless
-It’s ok to do something your parents wouldn’t approve of every once in a while
-It’s easier to apologize than to ask for permission
-You shouldn’t do anything to hurt the ones you love
-It can be lovely to be cliche and romantic
-Humor is a great thing
-It’s ok to not be good at anything
-You don’t have to be the best at everything you do
-In the end of the day it’s you vs. the world
-Always be charitable
-People who judge others are not worth the time of day
-Attention whores are looking for attention for a specific reason
-It’s the 21st century, why are gender roles even still a thing
-A smile can make someone’s day
-Sometimes a smile can save someone’s life