This time last year I took a People To People Student Ambassador Trip to China for 17 days and I thought I’d share my adventures with you all. These are all straight out of my travel journal. This trip meant a lot to me because in order to pay for it I did a lot of fundraising.

7/10-7/11 NYC to Shanghai, China
Today was travel day. It was okay. I really don’t like being on planes, but oh well. I slept most of the 2nd flight, but I’m still really, really tired. I just took a shower, it’s very difficult to not get any water in your mouth. My roommates are nice. Their names are Bayliee and Julie (not positive on the spelling). Being half around the world hasn’t quite sunken in yet; I feel like I’m just in NYC with friends. I’m sure that in a few days I’ll begin to realize how far away from home I am!
So far the people of China (Specifically Shanghai at the moment) seem to either be poor, not have curtains, or they look like NYC type people. I’ve inferred that Shanghai likes lights and technology. I saw a good 10 buildings with colorful lights all over them! I wish we had buildings like that! As for the technology; they have a train (I forgot the actual name, I think it starts with a M) that is Magnetic. As in, it floats (kind of)!! It’s like the one in the Hunger Games! I think it’s pretty awesome!
I feel as if I should be sleeping, since I will have awful jet lag tomorrow. And the day after that..and maybe the day after that too!

7/12 Shanghai, China


We just got out of the special ed school. It was so much fun! We danced, and played games. There was a girl in a yellow shirt who liked my phone and she took pictures with it.


We just ate food, it was really American (french fries and toast). Before this, we were at the East Bank water front. It’s relatively deathly outside. It’s foggy, hot, and really humid, it’s disgusting.


We just left the Oriental Pearl Tower. It has a really cool glass floor that we were taking pictures on.


I got to see the future plan of Shanghai! It’s really cool. Now we are going to go to the acrobatic practice.


So, we were quite American for dinner. Pizza Hut. Rose, Clohe, Anna, and I were going to go to the bathroom there..but the toilette was squatting; and the only western one was clogged.

After 9PM

The acrobat show was amazing! 5 men, on motorcycles, in a huge metal cage is crazy!!

Summary of the day

Today was tiring! I feel like I pulled an all nighter! It was uncomfortably humid today. I think it might have rained a little bit too. It’s comparable to a sauna that you can’t get out of. After a while, breathing warm wet air gets really hard! I feel like I should learn to use Chinese toliets, but I’m nervous I’ll pee all over myself.. and my pants! I think I’ll try it at the home stay. That way I can be in a room instead of a bathroom stall incase it goes wrong.


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